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vTri-County Baseball League 

Teams from NJYB (New Jersey Youth Baseball), RBA (Rockland County Assocation) WBA Westchester Baseball Assocation. Between the three leagues we formed Tri- County Baseball to make all leagues better and allow a larger pool of teams to play each other.  
We would like to welcome everyone to come play Baseball with us. Our Fall League will begin on September 12/13 the league is primary a Sunday Double Header League, but we will accommodate teams who would like to play on Saturdays to the best of our abilities. 
  1. Start Date of the League is 12/13 September 2020 and will go through 1 November 2020   
  1. Play-offs will start 7/8 November 2020 
  1. Championship 14/15 November 2020 
  1. Amount of games will vary from 12-14 games each depending on the number of teams in the league 
  1. Cost of the League is $350 for New York Teams and $275 for New Jersey Teams (Team discount in New Jersey for 3 or more teams registered and paid at the same time $225 per team 
  1. There will be no Scheduling Meeting teams will have to be Registered and paid no later than 2 September 2020. 
  1. Teams will have to provide us with a minimum of 3 to 4 home dates and times that they have their fields available. If you do not have a field your team will play all games on the road. 
  1. We need teams' Black Out dates when they cannot play. (We will schedule your game of your black out to another date)  
  1. No Games will be scheduled on Columbus Day Weekend as we will have our Federation Tournament. The team that is in first place based on out Tri-County Point System will advance to the Federation tournament that is being held between New York and New Jersey Leagues. Cost of the tournament is $300 plus umpire fees. Point System 3 points for a Win, 2 points for a TIE, 1 point for a game played/ 
  1. Teams must provide us with their Teams Insurance  
  1. Team Roster no players may be added after 1 October 2020 
  1. Teams must follow the COVID19 Guidelines that have been set forward to us from New York and New Jersey Government/ Health Departments. These guidelines can be found on website. 
We off the following ages Groups 
Varsity Division 18u            JV Division 16u           Freshman Division 14u       13u Division (New 13u)  
12u Division (50/70)           12u Division ( 46/60 LL League Rules)      11u Division (50/70)  
10u Division ( 46/65 Leading and Stealing)      10u Division (46/60 LL Rules)     
 9u Division (46/65 Leading and Stealing)   9u Division ( 46/60 LL Rules)   8u Division (LL RUles 
For more information please feel free to check our website or 
   Tri-County Baseball League       
                                          NJYB                                          WBA                                     RBA  
Bill White                                     John Nesi                           Charlie Avery              JTNN@      
201-674-4533                                  914-227-5106                 845-222-6928 

Tri-County Baseball League


Tri- County Baseball League is NJYB ( New Jersey Youth Baseball )   WBA

(Westchester Baseball Association ) RBA ( Rockland Baseball Association )

Our League has teams from New Jersey through NYC and Rockland County NY.

We offer a league for every team, from 8u through 18u. During the Fall our League is a weekend league mostly Sunday but we allow the Managers/Coaches the Flexibility of playing on other days.

Tri-County Cut-Off Date is 1 May ( Whatever age the player is on 31 April is the Age you play in unless the player is playing up in age.


The recommendation for the Fall is for teams to play up in the Fall preparing for next year but with teams limited on players and playing time we will leave that option to the managers if they chose to play up or not in the Fall


15u through 18u is a All Wood League that plays on a 60/90 Field

13u thru 14u is a BBCOR ( or Wood ) League that plays on a 60/90 Field

11u and 12u we offer the following

50/70 Real Baseball Rules with minimum adjustments

46/60 Rules which follow LL Rules as for field size and structure of play)

9u and 10u we offer the following

46/65 Real Baseball Rules ( Stealing, Leading, Dropped 3rd Strike)

46/60 LL Rules for the younger or mid-tier teams

8u LL Rules 3 Steals Per inning, No Stealing Home, No Dropped 3rd Strike (if enough teams sign up otherwise, we will pair with 9u teams for the Fall)

2020 Fall Registration Form ( Click link below or copy and paste ) 

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2020 Tri-County Waiver Form


( Every Player and Parent must sign in order for their child to be eligible to play in our league) 

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2020 Tri-County Roster Form 

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Tri-County League Directors / Administrators 

Tri-County League Directors / Administrators

NJYB                                            WBA                                  RBA

Bill White                                     John Nesi                        Charlie Avery                    JTNN@     

201-674-4533                                  914-227-5106                      845-222-6928


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New Jersey Youth Baseball
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