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Managers and Coaches

    I hope everyone is doing well and you and your families are safe. The world we live in has been crazy and there are many restrictions we all must learn to live with. As the Governor of NJ has started lifting some restrictions and has started re-opening NJ.

    We have been given the green light to start practicing starting 22 June 2020. It very well looks like that we can start playing games as of 6 July 2020. There will be a bunch of guidelines that we will have to inhere to, but they have not been released as of yet. Guidelines are subject to change as the Government will enforce strict Guidelines for all of us to follow if we want the kids to play. Some are saying the final guidelines will be released by the 22 June but now we understand they will be out by the 30 June 2020.

    We do understand that the players have lost Spring, Tournaments, and the opportunity to enhance their skills and play against others. Tri-County Baseball League which consist of NJYB, RBA and WBA are continuing to try to come up with a game plan of having a Summer season for the players and teams.

    Our thought process is starting somewhere around the 12 July 2020 and play to 20/21 August following with playoffs.

We ask that everyone please register their teams ASAP so we can have a head count who is in for the Summer League. Teams will be from New Jersey and NYC. We will do our best in scheduling to try to make it manageable. Managers will have the flexibility of setting their schedules as we do not know everyone field availability.

Some of the things that have been discussed as guidelines to follow are (these are not set in stone yet):

1.       Every Manager, Coach, player and people involved will have to have their temperature taken before entering the field. Anyone with a 101.1 or higher my leave and will not be able to participate in anyway.

2.       No Homeplate umpire- The umpire will be placed behind the pitcher’s mound

3.       Catcher has to be 6 ft from Homeplate (Questionable as of right now)

4.       With the Catcher having to be 6 feet behind home plate there would be no stealing ( If the catcher has to be 6 feet )

5.       The Dugout is a concern and we are trying to figure out the safest rules to implement. What has been put out to us is all players Coaches and Manages in will have to wear a face covering. Players in the field of play and batter do not have to wear face coverings.

6.       Each team will have to provide balls and Coaches will have to switch out balls regularly

7.       No physical contact of Managers, Coaches and Players,

8.       Before and after each game sportsmanship will be verbal

9.       Fans must social distance themselves from others unless they are family

10.   No team Water

11.   Equipment is not to be shared amongst players EX: Batting Helmets, Bats or Catchers Equipment. ( the only equipment that may be able to be used by more then one player but must be limited it a bat, after each use though the bat must be sanitized)

12.   No infield - outfield warmups permitted to minimum player contact

13.   Each Manager, Coach, Player, Parent and Guest attending games will have to sign a waiver.


      Before we can get a league going, we need to see what the State Restrictions and Guidelines will be. So things are still up I the air and subjected to change.

      We also need to know what teams are interested in playing this summer so we can get a head count on the number of teams we may have at each level.

Once again our league with consist of teams from NJYB ( New Jersey) WBA ( Westchester NY) and RBA ( Rockland Co NY)


Please send your responses to


Another Note is just running weekend tournaments at local sites which have fields. NABF will be hosting their World Series 1 August 2020 – 3 August 2020 at the Following ages

10u ( Tuxcedo NY)

12u ( Tuxcedo NY)

14u ( Tuxcedo NY)


Thank you

Tri-County Baseball League


Coronavirus 19

Some things are out of our hands, due to the Coronavirus All Baseball is off until futhure notice.
We will make a decisiion on the Spring, and Summer Season the begining of May. 
As for Memorial Day it is still scheduled to be played but a decission will be made the begining of May. with Safety being top Priority.

For those of you who have lost loved one we send our condolences.
There have been many affected by this, as we all live in uncertainity we ask everyone to please stay safe and practice socail distancing.
NJYB will miss some of the Coaches who have Coachd in our league as they have lost their lives to Coronavirus.
As you are called home to Heaven we ask that you still watch over those " Family Members, Freinds and Players you dediicated your lives to" .

We will continue to update our websites and things changes.

Life Matters
Pratcice Social Distancing
Stay Home
Together We Will All Get Throught It 

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