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  18u Varsity Division    16u JV Division   
  Little Ferry    West New York 16u  
  Oakland    North Bergen   
  West New York    Legit   
  North Bergen    West New York 15u   
  NY BBL Team 1    NY BBL Team 1   
  NY BBL Team 2   NY BBL Team 2  
  NY WBA   NY WBA Team 1   
      NY WBA Team 2  
  14u Freshman    13u Division   
  North Bergen    North Bergen   
  NY BBL   West New York   
  NY BBL   Stadium Sports Bay Soxs  
  NY WBA   Jersey City   
      NY BBL   
  12u Majors    NY BBL   
      NY WBA  
  Paterson SCS      
  Midland Park       
  Hackensack    11u Majors   
  North Bergen    NA Seclect   
  NA Select    Teaneck   
  Clifton Chielfs    Hackensack   
  NY BBL   Passaic   
      NY WBA  
  10u Minors       
      9u Minors   
  North Bergen       
  Paterson SCS   North Bergen   
  NA Select    Hackensack   
  BY BBL   Paterson SCS  
      NA Select   
  8u Rookies       
  North Bergen       

2019 Summer League Registration form. ( clicl below) 

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2019 NJYB Roster Form

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1.      We offer a Summer league for teams from 8u through 18u.

2.      16u and 18u Season will begin on 8 June and run through 13 July with the playoffs 14-20 July

3.      8u thru 14u Season will begin on 15 June and run through 16 July with all teams making the playoffs 17 thru 22 July.

4.      Teams will play a flexible interlock schedule between New York teams and New Jersey teams.

5.      Each team will play between 12 to 16 games depending on the number of teams in each division. Games will be schedules Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the Mangers will reach out to each out and confirm and schedule games. (As we do not have a crystal ball and not sure of everyone field availability, and players).

6.      At the even ages the winner of the playoffs will advance to the Federation Tournament that is held between New Jersey and New York.

7.      Home team is responsible for scheduling 2 HS Card Umpires per game. NJYB has a contract with Red Umpires. We have locked in rates with the, the following is the maximum amount for umpires 6 or 7 inning game $65 a 9 inning game $90 this is per umpire. If the umpires, you are using are more then the Home team who scheduled the umpires is responsible for the difference.

A)     8u – 10u teams use 1 umpire ( in playoff we will use 2 umpires)

B)     11u – 18u we use 2 umpires per game

8.      Home team is to provide balls for each game. Recommend ball is Diamond Dol-1 for 12u and Dol-A for 13u and up. Other balls make be used if they meet regulation per age group. Contact Bill

9.      Rules are posted on the web site and will also be emailed to all teams registered. We full MLB Rules with modification per age group.

10.  Game Length : 8u – 10u teams play 6 innings

                           11u – 18u teams play 7 innings

11.  Bats Rule :

8u through 13u – Bats must have the USA Baseball Stamp no weight restriction ( BBCOR & Wood are allowed if the players choices to use)

14u is BBCOR or Wood Bat minus 3

15u through 18u : All Wood bats ONLY -3

12.  Pitching Rule: We follow the PITCH SMART CHART Make sure you have the chart and follow the chart on the number of pitchers a pitcher may through and their days of rest.

13.  Batting Order for Seasonal Play :

A)     Coaches may bat 9 players or the entire team that is present

B)    Coaches may use a  EH during the Summer Season ( batting a EH allows 10 batters in a line up) 

C)    If a team bats all players available then they will use free defense substitution if they chose to bat 9 players then it will be High School Substituting for defense of players

Teams can bat 9 players and follow the Subsitution Rule or 9 batters plus a EH making it 10 batters or their entire team. 

 Example if a team has 12 players they can not bat 11 batters, they would have to bat 9, 10 or the entire 12 batters present. 

14.  New Jersey Youth Baseball Injury Rule in case a coach used all substitutes or when batting everyone;

A)    If coaches have used all their substitution and a player gets hurt a coach may re-insert a sub so the game does not end on forfeit.

B)    If a Coach choice to bat everyone and a player gets literally hurt then he will be skipped over and it will not count as a out

C)    If a coach used all his players and a player is ejected and the team has no more subs that team will forfeit regardless of the score.

D)    If a Coaches batted everyone and a player was ejected that spot every time it comes up will be recorded as a out unless it the last out of the game.15.

15.  Player ejection: If a player is ejected that player may remain on the bench unless the umpire declares that player is a distraction to the team then that player will be removed from the bench.

                    Player will sit out the next game. The Coach will sit out the next 2 games

16.  Rosters;  New Jersey Youth Baseball Roster form is the only excepted form

                      Must be submitted prior to the first game

                            Teams can carry up to 20 players on their rosters

17.  Insurance: Needs to name as insured

                    New Jersey Youth Baseball

                     PO Box 5044

                    South Hackensack, NJ 07606-4244

18.  Cost: $350 per team

19.  Discount Cost of $25 per team if you register 5 or more teams

20.  If your team is interested in going to a NABF or PONY Tournament we need to know no later than 10 June 2019



LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR THE SUMMER IS 16U  & 18U  ( 5 JUNE 2019)   14U AND UNDER (12 June 2019)

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