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2018 NJYB 12u Resse Champions


NJ Glory Stars & Stripes  

Mangers and Coaches please check schedules and format. 

All Mangers must sign in - Foschini Park at the Main Building and Little Ferry with Little Ferry Rep On-Site 

All Paperwork and Payments must have been meet prior to first Game.

Insurance Paperwork and Rosters must be submitted at sign in prior to first game ( If you submitted prior you still need to check in)

Winning Team must report all game scores to the Field House ( Foschini Park) or if in Little ferry but text to 201-674-4533 

Please read all Game Rules prior to the game.

   12u Reese DIVISON   
  American Conf. National Conf. 
  Akedema Prospects WhiteAkedema Prospects Blue 
  NJ Glory Stars NJ Glory Stripes 
  Brooklyn Bonnies North Bergen  
  Kings Baseball NJ Axemen  
  Bergen Blue Crew Passaic  
Date TimeField Team V'sTeam  
25-MayFRI6:00 PM# 7NJ Glory Stripes     14V'sPassaic      13 
26-MaySAT8:00 AM# 7Akedema Prospects Blue    2V'sNJ Axemen    1 
  10:00 AM# 7Akedema Prospects White   8V'sBergen Blue Crew    10 
  10:00 AM# 1Passaic   4V'sNorth Bergen    5 
  12:00 PM# 7NJ Glory Stars  12V'sAkedema Prospects White   3 
  12:00 PM# 10NJ Glory Stripes   3V'sNJ Axemen    1 
  2:00 PM# 7Akedema Prospects Blue   9V'sNorth Bergen     0 
  4:00 PM# 7Bergen Blue Crew    1V'sBrooklyn Bonnies    12 
  4:00 PM#10Kings Baseball        2V'sNJ Glory Stars      12 
  6:00 PM# 7Brooklyn Bonnies    5V'sKings Baseball    3 
   Seeding is based on STANDINGS( FIRST)   
if there is a TIE then we will go to RUNS ALLOWED if still TIED we us RUNS SCORED 
  NUMBER 1-2-3 SEEDS IN EACH CONF.get a BYE Teams 4th & 5th Place will play  
27-MaySUN10:00 AM# 7Kings Baseball 1V'sAkedema White     9 
  11:30 AM# 7Passaic  1V'sNJ Axemen    11 
  1:00 PM# 7Blue Crew (3)   0V'sNJ Glory Stars (2)   10 
  1:00 PM#10North Bergen (3)   5V'sNJ Glory Stripes (2)    8 
  3:30 PM# 7Akedema Prospects White  4V'sBrooklyn Bonnies (1)   5 
  4:00 PM# 7NJ AXEMEN RED   4V'sAkedema Blue ( 1)     5 
    Semi- Final Games   
28-MayMON9:00 AM Brooklyn Bonnies    0V'sNJ Glory Stripes    6
  11:00 AM Akedema Prospects BlueV'sNJ Glory Stars  
    Championship Game    
  2:00 PM Winner National 11 am game V'sNJ Glory Stripes

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